Great Ocean Road Trip.

We are planning to leave on our Great Ocean Road trip this Friday afternoon.

Right now it’s the usual last-minute flurry of preparatory tasks. Getting Ripley ready to roll, filling her freshwater tanks, checking tyre pressures, stocking her pantry and generally bringing her out of hibernation.

Our map is vague. We will head south, clipping the upper edge of Melbourne before dropping down to the Geelong area, and thence on to the Great Ocean Road.

travel is to see
these tangled roads
as one

After that, our compass will be set to serendipity.

I will be posting regularly throughout the trip with realtime microposts in the tumblewax section. You are cordially invited to come along for the ride.

3 responses to “Great Ocean Road Trip.”

  1. There are some beautiful spots enjoy I did a trip three years ago ❤ loved it.


  2. Travel Safe and can’t wait for the updates….

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  3. Bon voyage! Your departure date happens to be my 88th birthday so I’m looking forward to enjoying the trip vicariously, even more than I usually enjoy your postings. 🙂


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