Day 1: Just Jugiong.

Location: ///heights.outlaw.flirting

Jugiong has become our go-to first night stop for all points southwest.

Pulled in after lunch to a glorious autumn afternoon. Not a cloud in the sky (and not a flying saucer to be seen). Seriously, gloooorious.

With our trip weather forecast foreboding rain, wind and coldness ahead, we soaked it up whilst we could. My face was a solar panel. My buttocks was a deck chair.

Walking a short distance from our campsite to check out some local crafts (at the quirky crow) we were discussing an old friend who we had not seen in years, and who had moved to this area. We walked into the store….and there she was behind the counter! Putting the dippity in serendipity.

After a long chat it was back to Ripley for ‘sundowners’ and nibbles. Tonight we are treating ourselves to dinner at the Sir George.

Once the sun dips out it is going to get pretty testicularly chilly methinks. Luckily Kelly has packed a couple of hot water bottles.

Nope…you just can’t beat old-school when it comes to testicles.

5 responses to “Day 1: Just Jugiong.”

  1. What do you do with your little dog when you eat out?


    1. Hi Liz. We usually manage to find somewhere where we can eat with him outside. Else we just eat in. He would be fine to leave in Ripley for a couple of hours, but we don’t usually opt for this.


  2. Isn’t it a glorious time of year to be travelling! As you toddle down the hwy to southern Victoria we are about to embark on 10 weeks to WA, back across NT and down into SA! So many trucks and caravans on the road though so take care and enjoy whatever that rough coastline offers you. Hopefully our paths will cross another time! Love to you both, Hookie.

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    1. Hey Fiona! Great to hear from you. Your trip sounds EPIC. We loved our own WA trip. Totally jealous. Wishing you a safe journey & a safe return.


  3. ooh here we go….don’t worry QLD is also getting a bit cool…


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