Day 3: Bells Beach and beyond.

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Up early and on the road by 0830 this morning. Our route skirting the Melbourne CBD was a new one for us…and being navigationally dysfunctional, I hoped I didn’t end up getting Ripley bogged in the centre of the MCG…or some other such geographical embarrassment.

Needn’t have worried. Traffic was light and the freeways easier to navigate than we anticipated. Before we knew it we were tucking into almond croissants at a pop-up cafe in Torquay.

Coffee gratitude:

Today’s coffee gratitude is from ‘St. Ali’ a random pop up coffee van in Torquay. A big thank you to Ronald Napier who shouted both Kelly & I todays brew ( you can shout us a coffee here).

  • Coffee = 5/5
  • Service = BYO. Although the barista came out with a dog treat for Juno, so 4.5/5
  • Food = 3/5
  • Ambience = 3.5/5

Optimally caffeinated we made the short trip down a rollercoaster road to Bells Beach (which always reminds me of my spirit animal Keanu Reeves in the 1991 movie Point Break. Watch) where we stood on the lookout high above the beach and watched the surfers killing it in a big swell.

As I write this Kelly leans in to clarify: Um, Ian…you are definitely no Keanu. Personally, I just don’t understand how she doesn’t see the resemblance.

Anyways, tonight we are staying in Lorne. A quick sortie into town, and it was not long before we were plonked down in a couple of deck chairs tucking into two enormous (and delicious) bowls of pad Thai. Dinner scoffed down at 5PM.

Nursing habits die hard.

A rough and ready gang of marauding cockatoo’s standing by for scraps.

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4 responses to “Day 3: Bells Beach and beyond.”

  1. I’ve only thought about this recently but comments are sometimes made about how quickly I eat. That 5:00 time slot was always my favourite to head to the cafeteria for whatever delight was on offer! Nothing like a 9pm tea break at the start of a long shift.

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  2. Go to redwood forest lovely peaceful and the otway fly when you down near Apollo Bay


  3. You just happened to have coffee made with Sth Melb famous St. Ali beans ….. you might have missed the CBD but you managed to find a decent brew
    Enjoy your adventures

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  4. Great Day for you both….yep The “Food Scoff” we Nurses do has left me with GORD…….lol…..who’d be a Nurse eh !!!!!


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