Day 5: Apollo Bay to Warrnambool.

As predicted we woke this morning to strong winds and heavy rains. But every day is a good day and its all part of the adventure.

Proof of this was in my morning shower. Immediately after lathering up my bits and bobs, the water temperature plummeted to icy and refused to budge even one degree higher. No matter how I twisted or wrenched the flick mixer, no matter how much I tried to will the water warmer…it was destination Antarctica.
So an icy cold rinse it was….and to be honest it was totally invigorating. Well…my bits were invigorated, my bobs were totally unimpressed. I now fear I have whiplash of my cremaster muscle (look it up).
But boy was I alive.

After leaving Apollo Bay we wound our way inland into the thick of Cape Ottoway National Park. With the rain bucketing down and the low cloud engulfing us, driving through the steep winding road was like moving through the brushes of a giant green fernicular car wash.

A squeaky-clean Ripley emerged from the National Park just as the rain began to ease. The wind shook us dry like a just washed dog and Cape Ottoway spat us out down at the coast where we would now hug the precipitous coastline for the rest of the day.

Ahead we were to encounter numerous lookouts deviating over the 70-metre high sheer sandstone fenestrated cliffs. Dotted with points of interest such as the 12 Apostles (or 8, or 6, or it looked more like 4 to me, …or however many are left standing), the London Bridge, The Razorback, Loch Ard Gorge, Thunder Cave and The Bakers Oven.

Our first stop at the Apostles and whilst rummaging around in one of Ripleys countles lockers (looking for a warm hat) I found a selfie stick that Kelly had given me for my birthday years ago and that I had stowed away for intended frequent use….and promptly forgotten about.
You are about to get way too many selfie stick photos for the rest of the trip.

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2 responses to “Day 5: Apollo Bay to Warrnambool.”

  1. Great Pics as always….


  2. You will need your woollies in Warrnambool tonight….it’s freezing

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