Travel tip: the paramedic coffee connection.

It’s simple. When travelling through unfamiliar territories and searching for decent coffee, be alert for a positive paramedic sign.

If there is an ambulance out front of the cafe and a crew of local paramedics waiting for take-away you can be assured of a decent brew.

If they are ensconced at one of the tables holding a protracted station meeting with a second crew, the coffee is going to be top-shelf.
Not only will the coffee be great, but in the unfortunate event you were to choke out on a large bolus of freshly baked fruit bread there would be professional help at hand. Bonus.

Coffee Gratitude:

Today’s coffee gratitude goes to Elizabeth Phillips who shouted Kelly and me (buy me a coffee) an excellent brew at Saffs Cafe in Castlemain.

Thanks Elizabeth!

Paramedic and caffeine connection confirmed.

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2 responses to “Travel tip: the paramedic coffee connection.”

  1. Elizabeth Phillips Avatar
    Elizabeth Phillips

    My pleasure guys, as a retiring (30 days of registration left) nurse coffee is my passion and yes have been aware of the ambo/ coffee connection for a few years now. I’m loving your updates. Elizabeth (Liz) Phillips

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  2. Absolutely totally agree:)


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