Aviation safety-related incident involving UAP over Mexico.

The following video was recorded on March 19, 2020, by the pilot and crew of a Boeing 767 that was flying from Queretaro International Airport, just north of Mexico City to Memphis, Tennessee.

Summary of incident:

It is reported* that the aircraft was cruising at 37,000ft, travelling Northbound at 490kts/ 575mph.
The First Officer witnessed a yellowish-white light descend from above out from the left side of the cockpit. He initially thought it was a meteor until it suddenly stopped at approximately the same altitude, projected a white beam of light at their aircraft and assumed a collision heading.

At this time the object was also noted by the Captain (a pilot with 19 years flying experience including 10 years of military flying) who immediately prepared to make evasive measures believing he was looking at the landing lights of an oncoming aircraft.

The beam of light then disappeared and the object suddenly accelerated to an identical speed and bearing as their aircraft. It maintained an estimated separation of 1-2 thousand feet.

Once the initial collision danger had passed the crew quickly realised that this was no conventional aircraft they were looking at. They took a total of 8 photographs and 4 video segments during the following 30 minutes of the encounter.

The light eventually changed colour from yellow-white to a pinkish-purple and moved away from the aircraft on a perpendicular heading.

*A full aviation safety analysis of the incident by NARCAP ( the National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena) can be found here: https://www.narcap.org/blog/narcaptr20

My thoughts.

A cockpit full of very experienced aircrew would be unlikely to misidentify or fail to recognise commercial air traffic.

The crew do appear genuinely excited to finally be seeing a UFO…so there could be some confirmation bias at play.

The UAP could potentially have been some sort of terrestrial advanced military drone or aircraft.

  • Credibility of witnesses: HIGH.
  • Likelihood of hoax: LOW.
  • Anomalous flight characteristics of UAP: LOW.
  • Quality of witness testimony: MOD.
  • Quality of recorded evidence: LOW.

Ian Miller

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