UAP: the Aguadilla incident.

The following video was recorded by a US Customs and Border Protection aircraft at Aguadilla, Puerto Rico on April 25th, 2013 at 2120 local time.

The object had been detected flying at a low altitude in the vicinity of Rafael Hernandez airport resulting in the delayed departure of commercial aircraft. It was filmed by a thermal video imaging system as it crossed into Puerto Rico traversing the airport official airspace before appearing to submerge into the Atlantic Ocean.

A detailed analysis of the video and available radar data* determined the object was between 3 and 5 feet in length and was travelling at varying speeds between 40 and 120 mph.
At the point where the object enters the water, its speed did not vary (averaging 82.8 mph).
It is estimated that the object may have been travelling as low as 40 feet above the ground at some points.

Frame by frame analysis found that there was very little disturbance visible as the object impacted the ocean.
The ability to travel at speed from the air into the water without displacement is known as Trans-Medium behaviour and has been seen in multiple UAP reports.

Interestingly, shortly after making contact with the ocean the object appears to re-emerge and split in two. Frame by frame analysis ruled out the second object being a reflection and reports that the thermal image grew in size momentarily before separating into two objects.

The object appears to tumble through the air during flight, a characteristic that stops just before it enters the ocean. Thermal analysis found that the object is emitting more heat than the ambient air although this is estimated to be less than that of a typical jet engine or automobile. There are no exhaust plume or flight control surfaces visible.

*You can read a full transcript of the report here:

One possible explanation is that this is some form of an advanced military drone, although the technology required to produce the observed behaviours is not known to exist in the public domain.
Other explanations proposed by UAP debunkers include natural phenomenon, weather (or other) balloon.

  • Credibility of witnesses: HIGH.
  • Probability of hoax: LOW.
  • Anomalous flight characteristics of UAP: HIGH. 
  • Quality of witness testimony: UNKNOWN. 
  • Quality of recorded evidence: HIGH.

Ian Miller

One thought on “UAP: the Aguadilla incident.

  1. After seeing the channel 7 report last night- very interesting. Now l don’t think you’re a crackpot! When you stop and think, why should we assume we are the only planet with advanced society? In fact we are very backward in comparison with their technology. I was also interested in seeing that they seem not to want to harm or subjugate us- yet. Hopefully we will learn more soon.

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