The Kumburgaz aliens video.

The following video was recorded by Murat Yalcin a night security guard in Kumburgaz Turkey between 2007 and 2009. Multiple videos were taken. The object was reportedly seen by many other villagers on multiple occasions over this timeframe.

It was described as a disc or oval shaped object  maneuvered silently while sometimes accompanied by strange red and orange lights (source).

The video was supposedly recorded with a camera that had telephoto capabilities of up to 200 X optical.
The initial footage is very shaky and difficult to interpret, but this version has been digitally stabilised and gives some remarkably clear vision of the object(s).

The video was allegedly handed to the National Council for the Study of Science and Technology (TUBITAK) in Turkey for analysis. Included in their report was the following remarks:

“The objects observed on the images have a structure made of a specific material and are definitely not any kind of CGI animation or in any means a type of special effects used for simulation in a studio or for video effects. So the conclusion of this report is that the observations are not a model, marquette, or a fraud” and the last part of the report, “it’s concluded that the objects observed have a physical structure and are made of materials that don’t belong to any category of (airplanes, helicopters, meteors, Venus, Mars, satellites, artificial lights, Chinese lanterns, etc.) and that it mostly fits in the category of UFO’s (Unidentified Flying Objects and of unknown origin)”.

Since the video began circulating there has been much debunking and analysing of this footage. One possible explanation has been given that this may in fact be the bridge of one of the many expensive private cruise ships that are known to operate in the area.

Perhaps the most interesting point of this video surrounds the claims that the video actually shows two occupants inside the object.

Source: National UFO Center.

You can read a detailed post from the National UFO Center analysing the footage here:
This is absolutely not a scientific analysis. I reference it to highlight the alien occupant aspect to this story amongst the UFO community only.

You can read a more objective summary of the events here:

You can watch a video debunking the event as a CGI or model hoax here:

If you do read these reports remember to do so with a critical but open mind. I do not agree with much of the conclusions of the first author and there may be strong pareidolia (the tendency to make meaningful interpretations of random visual images) at play here.

However, this remains an intriguing video that has not been definitively debunked as fake.

Credibility of witnesses:UNKNOWN
Probability of hoax:MEDIUM
Anomalous characteristics of experience:MEDIUM
Quality of witness testimony:LOW
Quality of recorded evidence:HIGH

Ian Miller

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