Interview: Diana Walsh Pasulka.

Diana Walsh Pasulka is a professor of philosophy and religion at UNCW and author of the book American Cosmic. In the following video (and due to copyright settings you are going to have to watch it on YouTube) she is interviewed by Lex Fridman on topics concerning UAPs and extraterrestrial life.

Diana is going to cover some pretty boundary-pushing materials, but before you get turned off let me say this is worth a peek at.
Diana is VERY interesting and engaging to listen to and besides…she seems like such a happy and authentic person.

Interview rating:

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

If you are not up to watching the whole thing here is a list of timestamps to individual topics covered.

0:00 – Introduction
2:03 – What is real?
7:32 – Can beliefs become reality?
12:34 – Donald Hoffman
16:33 – Immanuel Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason
20:02 – Ayn Rand
27:00 – How do religions start?
42:13 – Religion is an evolutionary advantage
47:34 – Religion used in propaganda
52:07 – What did Nietzsche mean by “God is Dead”?
57:34 – American Cosmic
1:01:20 – What do aliens look like?
1:10:03 – History of space programs
1:13:06 – Jacques Vallee
1:22:31 – Artificial intelligence
1:28:00 – Ufology community
1:39:13 – Psychedelics
1:43:10 – Tic Tac UFO
1:51:44 – Roswell UFO incident
2:02:49 – Bob Lazar
2:06:25 – Monoliths in the desert
2:17:14 – Humans will co-evolve with AI
2:20:33 – Neuralink
2:25:23 – Singularity
2:35:14 – Books: Nietzsche
2:40:20 – Books: Hannah Arendt
2:45:18 – Fear of death
2:49:46 – Meaning of life

American Cosmic, the book:

American Cosmic. Diana Walsh Pasulka

Looks at the topic of societies interest in UAPs and extraterrestrial life through the eyes of a professor of religion. Frames our fascination with our belief systems, our mythologies, and our search for meaning in the midst of the unknown.

Covers a lot of controversial and non-mainstream ideas.
I found this a compelling read, but at times I had problems accepting the content (and at times felt more like I was reading an X-files fiction).

Even so, I do recommend it if you want to explore a little further down the rabbit hole.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Ian Miller

One thought on “Interview: Diana Walsh Pasulka.

  1. Man there is so much to unpack. I don’t think people are even close to being prepared for the Pasulka/invisible college/spiritual aspect of the disclosure story. Eventually people will have to. I think Pasulka’s work is the most important.


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