Extraterrestrial? The legend of Skinny Bob.

This video is almost certainly fake.
But I post it because, well because 1) it is just so flipping interesting, and 2) it is a good example of just how much evidence-noise there is on this topic and just how easy it is to get sucked into time wasting distractions.

The Skinny Bob video first emerged amongst the UFO community in May 2011.
It was uploaded to YouTube by the mysterious ‘ivan0135’ with the claim that the footage was collected between 1942 and 1969 (the suite consist of 4 separate videos, one of which has become known as the Skinny Bob vid).

The video has been largely debunked as a fake, although no one has admitted to producing it.
It has now been proven that the films visible ‘dust and scratches’ is a preset overlay from a popular modern video editing tool.
There is also proven inconsistency in the timestamp at the bottom of the screen between cuts, suggesting video manipulation (or that the timestamp was added later).

Despite this, many supporters speculate that these ‘edits’ were deliberately added to an authentic video for various (tenuous) reasons. The ongoing and often heated debates between those who believe this video is an obvious fake and those who feel it is the most remarkable film record in our history elevate Skinny Bob to legendary status in the UFO/UAP world.

Here is a cleaned-up version.
That is, the definition has been sharpened and de-noised and duplicate frames removed.

Mr Skinny Bob.

My thoughts:

OK. I am 98% certain this is fake.
But oh that 2 percent wants it to be real.

Anyway, it is a remarkable fake. The micro-movements around the face and hands and the overall detail of Mr B are of a very high standard. If you look closely at the head, neck and hands, there is a lot of anatomical detail.
Many argue that based on the quality of CGI movie aliens produced at the time, this would have taken a lot of money to produce.
Ditto for the state of animatronics to produce these movements in a model or actor.
As I said, no one has claimed authorship of the video to date.

I have watched this video far more times than I should have. Mr Bob is an enigmatic character to be sure.
I cannot help but like Skinny Bob.

I won’t go into all the arguments for and against this video, if you want to go down the rabbit hole yourself here is a discussion forum on the topic (take care down there): https://www.reddit.com/r/SkinnyBob/

Credibility of witnesses:UNKNOWN
Probability of hoax:VERY HIGH
Anomalous characteristics of experience:HIGH
Quality of witness testimony:LOW
Quality of recorded evidence:HIGH

Additional footage.

Here are links to the other 2 videos uploaded by ‘ivan0135’ at the same time he posted Skinny Bob. Again, these versions have been enhanced for clarity (you can easily google to get the original versions).

  1. This clip is known as ‘The Family Trip’ and purportedly shows a group of extraterrestrials: https://youtu.be/gQtYNqeXD9w
  2. This clip shows a craft in flight and then cuts to a supposed crash scene with alien body: https://youtu.be/xcTN07VANFY

Ian Miller

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