Is there a good source of COVID-19 information left?

” Hey Ian, I’m just getting so sick of all the COVID/Vaxx misinformation and hate vs counter-hate in the media and online right now. I know you used to be a nurse, can you recommend a good source of info?” — Sally (USA)

Actually, over the last few months, I have pretty much lifted my finger off the pulse of reliable evidence-based COVID-19 information. The whole thing has become one overfilled, agenda soiled washing machine of sludge that gets me frustrated and frazzles the bejeezus out of my sympathetic nervous system.

But this remains such an important topic. And you should keep on top of it. Absolutely.

So, if you are looking for some informed, balanced and evidence-based COVID information that is still often pretty entertaining, I would still recommend this dude’s YouTube channel. It is not all COVID related, but much of it is.

Zdogg MD.

Zdogg MD aka Zubin Damania is a doctor based in the US.

His Wikipedia page labels him as: “assistant professor, comedian, internet personality, and musician. He also has been writing and performing comedic raps as ZDoggMD, an internet celebrity known for his music videos, parodies, and comedy sketches about medical issues, as well as systemic issues with healthcare.”

And even with Zdogg (as with everybody else), keep an open mind to what is being said, play the ball not the person, question everything (ie critically appraise), and try to remain open to why it might be that others may have a differing opinion.

Finally, do not let COVID become emotional velcro.
Keep things in balance. There are more important things in your life. You may even need to invoke RULE 666.

UPDATE: for those readers in Australia, I would also highly recommend the CoronaCast channel with Norman Swann.

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