Sick of the rain
Juno pulls clouds
from his toys.

The one thing worse than being in lockdown is being in lockdown on a rainy day.
My dog is not impressed that his daily amble to check his pee-mails and chase magpies has been cancelled.
He is even less impressed that our attention has been 99.9% diverted by an infuriatingly difficult* jigsaw puzzle.

*every jigsaw puzzle is infuriating to me. Yet here I am sorting what seems like a million identical plain blue pieces, because COVID.

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3 responses to “Lockdown.”

  1. Juno said it wasn’t Him…….


  2. My new puppy Marley has regressed in her toilet training today. I need eyes in the back of my head


    1. Hey Susan.
      It will seem like the clean-ups might never end.
      And then one day……..BAM, and they get it.


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