The Great Lockdown Road-trip of 2021

Destination: N/A
Distance travelled today: 0 cm.
Weather: Cloudy/Rain 13 C

Hunkered down in week 3 of COVID lockdown (or is it 4? Things are getting a little blurry), and with little likelihood of any meaningful travel opportunities in the foreseeable future, we need to think outside the box. Or at least inside it.

Kelly, Juno and I are about to embark on The Great Lockdown Road-trip of 2021. Henceforth, to be referred to as TGLR 2021.

Due to the significant COVID restrictions and constraints in place right now, this trip has required significant (and meticulous) planning. We think we have come up with a final route and estimate the entire trip to take around 7 days if there are no unforeseen circumstances.

We plan to leave early tomorrow morning from the bed and travel in the general direction of the ensuite.

From there, our itinerary will take us:

  • Down the hallway.
  • Visit of my study
  • Circumnavigation of the living room
  • Exploration of the kitchen.
  • Spelunking expedition into the garage
  • Hiking trail into the spare bathroom.
  • Rafting trip across backyard (weather permitting).

Exciting, don’t you think? We hope you will follow along with our trip over the next week or so. If you haven’t yet done so, at the bottom of this page, you can subscribe to get an email notification of new content.
I will post daily updates of our position, including photos and stories highlighting our adventures along the way.
Of course, if you have any suggestions for places to visit that we have not included … we are totally up to side-trips.

View from the bed where we are expecting to depart tomorrow morning.
The little round thing is the nose off one of Juno’s toys.

For your interest (just in case you are inspired to embark on your own TGLR, I have included some preparatory information you may find of use:


It may be several days until we make it to the vicinity of the pantry and fridge. Food availability along the way is not guaranteed (and we do plan to forage for any wild food we might find along the way). As we are travelling light, the name of the game here is SNACKS. Many, many snacks.


Initially, we hoped to travel in Ripley our motorhome. However, following some shake-down trials, getting her through the low, narrow doorways proved problematic and her big turning circle was having just a little too much…. well lets just say environmental impact for Kelly’s liking.

Instead we will be travelling mostly on foot, occasionally on bike and one steep section may require pack mules.


This has been perhaps the easiest part of the planning. It’s COVID lockdown, right? You don’t need to change at all. Kelly might do the whole thing in her dressing gown. Personally, I’m thinking underpants and singlet would be fine (perhaps just putting on something respectable from the waist up in case of a live-stream).
On second thought, I will probably need pockets for the snacks. I might just throw on my old tracksuit pants and take along a spare t-shirt in case I need to MacGyver a tourniquet or field dressing to manage snakebite, shark maulings etc.
Finally, we are anticipating a range of challenging terrain, so Crocs and socks will be mandatory.


Google Maps have really let us down here. Despite maximum satellite zoom and loading various street views, I just can’t get any good information or views of our projected route.

Luckily, I have found some old architectural maps and plans that may be of use. Most of the places we have visited before, but an exploration of uncharted and seldom visited territory is likely. Word has it that there are some areas of untrammelled pristine wilderness in the spare bathroom around behind the toilet. There may be a chance of snapping some neat wildlife pics here.

Wish us luck.
We will be fine. After all, sometimes getting lost is the best part of the trip!

2 responses to “The Great Lockdown Road-trip of 2021”

  1. I hope you get to discover the lost towels of Linen cupboard if you happen to pass by. I hear they may be a tad shabby and aged but well worth it for comfort.


  2. You forgot the Exploration of The Laundry…..might take a day or two to navigate the Terrain….

    Liked by 1 person

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