Video: UAP interview with Ross Coulthart.

Ross Coulthart is an Australian journalist who has an interest in the topic of Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP). He has recently published a book called In Plain Sight: An Investigation into UFOs and Impossible Science (I have yet to read the book but will post a review as soon as I get around to it).

In this long-form interview (over 3 hours all up) with Curt Jaimungal, Ross covers pretty much everything you might want to know about UAPs or ‘The Phenomenon’ as it is now popularly called.

As you know if you follow this blog, I have an open-minded interest in this topic. I believe there is something going on in our skies (and elsewhere), and I have a feeling it might just be something far more unusual, complicated, mysterious than we expect.

It is a difficult topic full of blind speculation, fake and misleading narratives and poor levels of evidence. But in my opinion, Ross brings a refreshing degree of balance and scrutiny to the floor whilst remaining open to some of the more so called ‘high-strangeness’ aspects of the phenomenon.

Plus he is a fellow Aussie. An active bullshit detector is in his cultural makeup.

You might not want to watch the whole 3 hrs, but you can skip around to topics of conversation you might find interesting.


00:00:00 Introduction
00:05:01 [AAAStarTrader] He has linked cattle mutilations to UAPs but what does he know about governments covering up similar human mutilations, potentially with special forces assistance?
00:09:15 [AlienAlcoholic] Have you heard about any facilities that house live alien entities?
00:09:27 Are certain alien types more harmful than others? Or more friendly?
00:14:57 [@StanAlister] Why with 3 billion smartphones are there still not many clear photos?
00:19:37 Has Ross had gov’t officials threaten him / tap him?
00:25:02 On Jim Semivan suggesting that the gov’t currently doesn’t engage in disinformation
00:30:23 Why the media disparages the topic of UFOs
00:41:55 Tips on keeping your digital information from spying eyes
00:50:17 [@DavidBWriter] Collaborating with Leslie Kean and NYT
01:05:16 [William E] Corso’s book “The Day After Roswell”
01:14:59 [Harry White] Has Ross seen orbs / UAPs / “summoners”?
01:18:04 [Poopdig] Wilson Memos… legit? Why?
01:39:38 [quantumcryogenics] Do you agree with Dr. Eric Davis that UFO experiences always always come with poltergeist effects?
01:40:04 [Dan Zetterstrom] Slide 9 and human mutilation
01:45:12 [AdministrativeFudge8] Haim Eshed
01:46:16 [Steve Cambian] What is the purpose of the infiltration in the UFO community by gov’t officials?
01:51:24 Comments on Luis Elizondo’s “somber” comment
02:07:54 Tom Delonge freaks Ross out
02:18:25 [William Edwards] Eric Davis and Hal Puthoff, and SAFIRE Project
02:21:50 What they found on the moon that the public doesn’t know
02:26:39 On Salvatore Pais
02:38:42 [Dom Telonge] What was NOT included in the book because it was too incredible?
02:39:37 [Firaas Dilawar] Majestic 12
02:42:20 [Euphoric_Gur_4674] What can we do to keep the UFO story alive?
02:54:07 #NASAtellthetruth and how to get the gov’t to release info
03:07:23 Ross’ 7 steps for the UFO community

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