Standing by….

Ripley’s leaky valve has been sorted. She is un-hibernated and sits uneasy in her parking spot, literally champing at the piston rods (is that a thing?) to get out and explore.

So we wait. Things are about to get interesting over the next couple of weeks. COVID restrictions are going to begin to ease in many parts of Australia. Borders between some states and territories may open. People will be mixing. People will be on the move. People will expunge themselves in lockdown release crazy.

Kelly has some time off, and we are now deciding if a coastal loop trip (down to Bega, and then winding up to Berry) would be:

  • a) possible
  • b) appropriate/responsible
  • c) safe

There is a balance to be sought between wanting to help get small-town economies back on the mend, attending to our own privileged travel wants, and respecting the local sentiments (regarding an influx of travellers) of some areas where the vaccination rates may be not so high.

So. Equal parts wait, plan, watch and hope.

It seems like a lifetime ago since we first talked about maintaining social distancing in Ripley.

And it would be remiss of me not to request that we spare a few moments to consider the fate of our healthcare workers, whose near term COVID experiences are going to be of an altogether different ilk from the majority of people. As we make an exuberant if not tentative return to some form of normalcy.

Our health system is about to get hammered. It will likely be a big hammer. And it will bang with a relentless, demoralising and tragic ferocity for some, and for some time to come.

Such is the price they will pay so the rest of us might exit the COVID tunnel.

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