My 5-fave books.

I was thinking. What would I consider my 5 favourite books of all time?

Lists like this tend to be interesting but often disappointing for other readers. The number of times I enthusiastically recommend a book to someone only to never hear a peep of a review back.
Likewise, I might check out a book based on the say-so of someone whose opinion I respect only to find it fulminantly …meh.

So here for your interest is a quick list of my 5 fave books of all time. I imagine with a more lingering introspection I might want to alter it.
I won’t go into all the reasons for each choice (they are varied and personal and often linked to other aspects of my own autobiography), but suffice to say I have love-battered, dog-eared, food-blotted physical copies of all of them, and a few of them I have read at least 5 times.

I have linked through to a Goodreads summary of each book title if you are interested in exploring them.

So that’s my list. I think it only fair you share a quick list of your own 5 faves in the comments section!

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2 responses to “My 5-fave books.”

  1. My top 5 are:

    “Other people’s country” – Maureen Helen
    “My Stroke of Insight” – Jill Bolte-Taylor
    “The Shepherd’s Hut” – Tim Winton
    “Have a Little Faith” – Mitch Albom
    “The Riders” – Tim Winton (And Cloud street) cheating I know…. But just 5???

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  2. My top 5 are possibly on the opposite spectrum to yours 😊
    The Bronze Horseman trilogy Paulina Simons
    The Girl in Time Square Paulina Simons
    Cloud street Tim Winton
    The Broken Shore Peter Temple
    The Pearl in a Cage series Joy Dettman

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