The coffee meditation challenge.

As you know I am a regular meditator, and proselytiser of the benefits of a regular meditation practice.

Oh you didn’t?
Well (after you read this post), you could always check out a couple of my other posts on the topic:

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That’s nice Ian. But I’m not really a meditation sort of person.

If you don’t think this is really your cup of tea (or coffee) I have a challenge for you.
It is simple, STUPID SIMPLE, and might just get you out of your rut and into a mindset where you could possibly just get a glimpse of what a regular meditation practice could like in your life.

Read on if you dare to consider the challenge.

Tomorrow morning set your alarm for 10 minutes before first light (5 am, 6 am whatever time that might be for you).
When the alarm sounds you are committed to getting up (no hesitating, prevaricating, pontificating…just swing your legs out and get up).
Quietly dress in something comfortable.

Go to the kitchen and make yourself a cup of your favourite coffee (or tea). Try not to let your planning, worrying, thinking mind turn on just yet.
Just stay on sleepy autopilot and make your brew.

Go and sit in a cozy quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Somewhere near a window would be good. Do not turn on any lights.
Good. Now close your eyes.

Now here is the thing (well, 3 things). You are only permitted to do the following:

Listen to the sounds coming from inside and outside the house. ALL the sounds. The bird’s dawn chorus, the creaking of the house, that bug buzzing past the window, your tummy gurgling. Listen to the sounds but try not to think about the sounds. Just let them wash through you.

Taste the coffee. Taste the flavour. Feel the warmth of each mouthful as you swallow. Smell aromatics. The feeling of the steam on your face as you bring the cup to your mouth.

Inhabit your body. Feel the weight of your body in the chair. Feel the movements as you lift your arm, readjust your legs, the tenseness in your jaw etc. Feel your breath inflating and then flowing out of your lungs. Feel what it feels like to be inside your body (it kinda feels unexpectedly weird when you start actually experiencing it).

That’s it. Keep your eyes closed. Continue at your own pace (hint: take your time). Try not to wake up and let your crazy-busy mind lead you off on mental side-tracks. Stay with the 3 things until you empty your cup.

Now you can go have a shower, go back to bed, go for a run, whatever. I don’t much care. Im just so totally chuffed that….

you have just meditated! And caffeinated.

See? You are that sort of person after all.

Photo by Danielle MacInnes

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