Truth and the Rashomon effect.

Truth is truth right?

Well in reality, it is often more complicated.

How many times have you seen people obstinately arguing over the top of each other in order to prove their truth is THE truth.

Others use the strategy of saying: OK then, there is what is true to me and what is true to you. Now we can argue our views and finally agree to disagree without either of us losing face.

Often there seems to be a sort of relative truth that may differ for each individual, and then this other absolute truth that lies as bedrock beneath. When people say this is my truth or this is my lived truth, what they usually mean is this: is my experience.

So what is true? What is bedrock?

This short TedEd video examines the so-called Rashomon effect (named after Akira Kurosawa’s 1950 film Rashomon, where a murder is described in four contradictory ways by four witnesses).

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