This Life.

“There is truly a place in the life of the human animal for wonder, curiosity, and openness to the fathomless otherness of the universe.

This spirituality is found in the artist when she suspends her ego controls and paints the images that rise from unknown zones.
It is found in the scientist reflecting on the intricacy of the molecule or the whirling planets and constructing an even better model than the one that served before.
It is found in the parent holding the child in his arms for the first time, watching this fragile thing breathe on its own and knowing the whole human story is packed within and wishing to unfold.
It is found every time we are drawn to encounter the mystery of each other and the infinity of possibilities that lie within us.

We do not need another life, another universe, for this one is more than we can ever explore in our short dance here”.

— James Hollis

Photo by Larm Rmah

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