Kicking back in Berma.

Spent the last few days doing very little in Bermagui. This small town is one of our favourite go-to destinations on the south coast.

  • Great van park located a short stroll from the town centre.
  • Magnificent ocean views from the headlands.
  • Neat swimming pool set into the sea rocks.
  • Humpback whale activity.
  • Not yet too overdeveloped.
  • Not a golden arches nor a highrise apartment tower to be seen.

The daily schedule has been: up early to sit dawn zazen on a hill overlooking the bay. Something about meditating whilst enveloped in the sounds of the sea that never gets old.
Walk into town for morning coffee. Take away. Sit on a bench outside the cafe and evesdrop on locals catching up.
Walk over to the local marina to check out the boats and have an in-depth discussion around pipe-dreams of buying a boat and sailing the world (I would totally not cope well come the first storm at sea. Also: seasick).
Walk back to Ripley for afternoon nap.
Grab the nocs and sit on the headland watching whales.
Beer-o-clock (gin-o-clock)
Dinner….or not (if we over engorge on beer-o-clock snacks).
Netflix. We are hooked on the Danish/Swedish Nordic noir genre right now.
Bed ( I’m ready to hit the hay soon after sunset, but Kelly spends the evening chasing rabbits on Facebook). I dont know what it is, but we both agree we sleep like….well, deep sleeping rocks in Ripley.
Note: timestamps and GPS locations may vary and have been omitted so as not to reflect just how boringly lazy we are.

Guard duty.

Plenty of whale activity with pods of 2, 4 and perhaps even more making their way up the coast each afternoon. Tail slapping, fluke waving and some pretty exciting breaching to be seen for the price of a little patience and a good set of binoculars. Unfortunately, they are a little too far offshore for my camera to capture with any interest.

The cost of a new life?
Exactly, one old life.

One thing we have noticed is that in the current COVID landscape, we are a little less prone to seek the usual ‘tourist’ activities such as browsing shops or eating in cafes where people are more dense (in the numerical sense, not the intellectual sense) and more interested in occupying ourselves with finding enjoyment in the obvious and ordinary (and free).
There is so much to see and do that has an admission cost of simply paying attention.

Kelly asked me to move this rock which was spoiling her view (Its OK, I put it back when we left).

We are staying here two more nights before heading north. A booking at the Berry showgrounds on the 1st and as yet unknown destinations in between.

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