Tramping in Tilba (and dozing in Dalmeny).

Short morning drive up to the scenic village of Tilba (population 280 ish). Grabbed a couple of coffees at the local cafe and then made a quick strafing run of the shops and stores.

Whilst chatting to the owner of the cafe we learned of a walking newly developed walking track that started up behind the building and promised spectacular views across the valley.

Unfortunately, our enthusiasm was curbed by a large sign attatched to a gate at the start of the walk excluding dogs and warning that there were CCTV cameras along the route to spy on any transgressors.

There is a very strong spirit to this place.
You can just make out Tilba nestled in on the right.
First coffee of the day.

CCTV on a secluded bush walk…..really? I walked a short distance up the trail on my own trying to discover any Big Brother spy cam to no avail. They might be using those motion sensor camera boxes or it might just be a bluff…..either way we decided to abort the walk which is just as well because we met some other walkers warning us of blacksnake activity across the trail.

Lunchtime found us at the ocean front in Dalmeny. This town has a small van park situated atop a hill affording it some of the best ocean views we have encountered.
We spent some time discussing if we were going to stay there, but being a Saturday (the first Saturday since significant easing in COVID travel restrictions) the place was pretty crowded.

There is something about Tilba. It has a quality of light and sound. Call it an energy or a spirit of place… or what you may, the steep pocket valleys, lush green and rocky outcrops enliven the place.

Lunch stop.
And maybe a nap.

Instead, after a beach walk and lunch and perhaps a nap (doing nothing is SO tiring) we opted to move on and find somewhere quiet and free to snug into for the night.

So. A short stop in Bodalla to pick up a tub of dark chocolate ice cream. Because life is short.


2 responses to “Tramping in Tilba (and dozing in Dalmeny).”

  1. Maybe it was ‘ no dogs ‘ because of the snake activity 😉


    1. Ah…good point. I actually hadn’t thought of that.


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