A night in Berry.

It is the first day that an easing in COVID restrictions enables significant cross border travel between states and territories and the traffic on the roads unsurprisingly reflects the release.

As we make our way north the early morning traffic quickly thickens. Plenty of caravans, and motorhomes on the move. Some, perhaps, have been stuck interstate for the duration and are finally making their way back home. Others, like us, are exercising their atrophied wanderlust musculature.

The bulk of the remaining traffic is made up of motorcycle convoys (both biker and bikie), police highway patrols (and we noted a LOT) and commercial truckers no doubt frustrated that they have lost their relatively empty travel corridors to the mayhem.

Its only about an hours travel to our next destination, Berry.
We pull into the local showground and drop anchor at a site I had pre-booked. I was just completing our power and grey-water hookups when I noticed a rather frazzled looking lady marching in a beeline from the office towards Ripley…….Uh-oh.

Turns out she is angry because we have arrived early.
”The confirmation email CLEARLY states that check in time is 1PM” she exclaims. “And we are expecting a VERY busy day today”.
I apologise, as I scan the almost empty showground and then glance obviously at my watch. Midday.

I apologise again and for a moment think we were going to have to leave and then come back again in an hour. But no, we are good. We make up and she walks back to the office satisfied that the point has been made.

I have stayed at this showground before and it is really a top location. A short walk from the beautiful (but waaay too popular) shops and cafes.
Despite our initial welcome (my bad and I admit it) I definitely recommend this place.

After a quick coffee, we are off to wander the local streets, house-peeping. We both agree that it is rather rude the way so many people pull their blinds these days. How are we supposed to peep (and pass judgment) on their interiors?

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