A quick trip to Sydney to fix Ripley’s door.

Tomorrow I head off on a quick solo trip to Sydney to get a replacement door fitted to Ripley’s habitation module.

She has had an issue with her door for some time now. We ended up ordering a complete new door from the UK, and thanks to COVID we have waited over 18 months to get this sorted out.

So. I plan to spend the night freedom camping just outside of Sydney before dropping the rig off in the morning. Likewise on the way home I will make an overnight stop halfway home where I will meet Kelly as she in turn travels up to Sydney to visit her parents for a few days. Juno (our dog) will travel up with Kelly before travelling back home with me. He won’t know if he is coming or going poor guy.

Sounds complicated for a simple round trip to Sydney. It would have been easier if Kelly, Juno & I could have all travelled up together, seen the door sorted and then kicked on over to her sister Tara’s house. Only Ripley is a big girl, and there is no way she would fit down the narrow street where Tara lives. Let alone find a landing site on her driveway.

Such is life with a big rig and a small dog.

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One response to “A quick trip to Sydney to fix Ripley’s door.”

  1. Have a safe Trip….where you camping overnight ?…..hope all goes well….Juno will love it….


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