Video: meditation postures.

If I ask you to imagine a group of people sitting in Zen meditation you probably picture lines of people sitting cross-legged on small cushions (called zafu), in half lotus or full lotus position.
Traditionally sitting meditation this way has been seen as taking the optimum posture for stability and concentration during meditation.

These days the reality is (in the West at least) you are far more likely to see a large number of people sitting in chairs or on low meditation benches.

Although the embodiment of your meditation practice remains vital, it is also important to move past any cultural dogma of what meditation should look like. Age, flexibility, injury, disability or self image are not barriers to the way.

In this short video the American Zen teacher Chosen Bays gives some simple tips on maintaining correct posture and comfort during Zazen (meditation).

She begins with the simple posture of sitting in a chair and progresses through postures requiring increasing flexibility (and self-care) to maintain.

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