Merry Vaxmas!

Someone at the vaccination clinic has repurposed used Pfizer ampoules as Xmas lights.
Very cool.

I spent today learning to work in the pharmacy section of our vaccination super clinic. The standard adult dose for Comirnaty (Pfizer) vaccine is 0.3 ml. It arrives as a vial with a concentrated amount that we then dilute down to give us six doses.

There is a meticulous and precise workflow that we go though to ensure that each person gets exactly the right dose, and that there are zero air bubbles in each syringe. Everything is double checked at multiple points in the chain of preparation.

In the clinic where I am working they have set the pharmacy area up behind a plexiglass wall so the public can actually watch how the vaccines are drawn up should they be interested. I initially thought this must be pretty off-putting for the staff but in truth you are so focused and concentrating on the task at hand that you don’t even notice.

Business is pretty slow right now (our city is at 98-ish percent fully vaxxed), and I previously suspected my services might no longer be required….but with people just beginning to be due for their booster shots and vaccinations of 5-11 year olds about to commence…I am expecting things are about to get next-level crazy busy in the new year.

Looking into the vaccine preparation pharmacy at our clinic.

Oh and if any eagle-eyes were wondering if there was some wasted vaccine sitting in the bottom to the xmas lights pictured above…, they were washed out with water before assembling.

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