Xmas in the tricky place.

Along with many of you, I find myself in a tricky place right now COVID wise.

I am in my late 50’s. Double vaxxed with AstraZeneca.
My last dose was 4 months ago, so its efficacy is probably on the wane. Some research I have read suggests Astra is not offering great protection against the new Omicron variant, aaand I am not eligible for an mRNA booster until mid-January.

Meanwhile in Australia, COVID cases are on the uptick. Right now its still early days, but the curve is steep and the numbers are breaking records, and the Australian Governments response is thus far a clusterfuck of confusion and conflicting strategies.

Furthermore as we move towards the night before Christmas, we are just entering the bracket delay where COVID cases begin to impact our ED, hospital admissions and ICU bed numbers.

So. Hospital COVID cases are just beginning to rise, but not yet giving us a feel for just how serious the situation is going to be. It could be mild, a nothing-burger with a side of fries, or it could be a whole new level of badness for our hospitals…..and ergo for all of us.

To all the rest of you out there who like me find yourselves between the rock of Omicron and the hard place of waiting to get a booster*, take extreme care over the Christmas break.

Mask to the max and mix to the min.

That said….have a safe and wonderful Christmas. Enjoy every moment with those you love. Life is short.

* Or for whatever reason waiting to get your first or second vaccination dose.

3 responses to “Xmas in the tricky place.”

  1. Merry Christmas to you and yours Ian. Have a fabulous festive season


  2. Boosted yesterday but no one else in the family eligible til at least late January.
    Great job to all at the AIS vaccination centre.

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  3. We aren’t too pleased in QLD….living the free life and Now Carona has arrived….


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