A new way of seeing?

Therefore, we could ask ourselves if there could also be other ‘ways of seeing’ that do not contradict or even replace science but eventually complement and enrich it.

Present science is intrinsically limited by the material sense-mind perception that instinctively reduces, particularizes, atomizes, and separates.

Again, there is nothing wrong with an intellectual and rational activity that analyzes the whole by a bottom-up process beginning from reduction, polarization, differentiation, and separation.

However, the question is whether we can equally develop a ‘complementary sense’ that sees things differently, namely, by a top-down vision of the whole first where particulars are not the parts of this Oneness but, rather, manifestations of it at a different level.

Can we develop another ‘sense of seeing’ leading to another ‘understanding’ of the world, which transcends the mind and reason without abolishing it?

— Marco Masi ‘Spirit Calls Nature’.

Photo by Guillaume Bourdages

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2 responses to “A new way of seeing?”

  1. Eira Klich-Heartt Avatar
    Eira Klich-Heartt

    Goethean observation does allow for the observation of the whole, and not get caught in materialistic reduction. This process starts with the whole, gathering a sense of things, going through the evolution of say a plant, and in the end coming to the whole again with a new impression and understanding of what was observed.
    Thank you Ian.

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    1. Thanks Eira. Funny you should say that because the quote is in the context of a discussion of Goethe.
      This looks like some super interesting reading.
      * fires up the Nespresso*


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