Morning walk.

After the long rolling thunderstorms last night we thought today would be rained out, leaving us with exactly zero excuse but to do house work.
And laundry.
And suchlike.

But the worst of the weather bifurcated to the north and to the south opening an unexpected opportunity to go for a short 5 km walk around the lake.

We set off from just outside the Governor Generals house following the bike paths as they carved & sliced the unseasonably green foreshore foliage (and where we were side-swooped by sorties of bell-less cyclists travelling at terminal velocity on several occasions… don’t get me started).

We chatted of Covid and laundry whilst Juno sent voluminous pee-mails…until it was all cock* and no content.

Then up through Yarralumla, picking out dream houses ( ‘cuz Kelly is practically certain we are winning Lotto tonight), and critiquing peoples gardens, and sneaking interior peaks of slightly more affluent otherlives where we could.

Finally, we turned out past the epic red brick chimney and arched kiln caves of the old Canberra brickworks, a large parcel of land and derelict buildings that have been slowly deconstructing themselves behind a prison of chainlink fencing since closing back in 1976.

Only a short walk, for it was now quite humid and a little too warm and Juno’s tongue was all flopping about and flapping around in dry, panting, protest.
Satisfied, we all piled back in the car and headed home to get a cool drink for him and a coffee for us.

Disappointingly the house work had not done itself.
And the Lotto thing is looking decidedly sketchy.

* leg-cock. I’m talking about cocking his leg, not the size if his woo-woo. Geez people.

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One response to “Morning walk.”

  1. We had a similar walk in Sydney’s Centennial Park. Dog panting and covered in grass, mud and dewy foxpoo. No cyclists except on the road. Spoke of tsunamis and Covid and where to buy coffee. Bath time and housework waited for us all. January’s are the best.

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