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Today we drove the short distance from Hanhdorf to the beachside town of Moana located around 36 km south of Adelaide.

I say, it would have been a short distance, as the crow flies, or as the GPS recommends…..but instead we managed to navigate a convoluted, non-logical path of backroads and sketchy alternate routes, well, because we are smarter than machines right?

So, there we were driving our 60-minute scenic route. Which became slightly less than scenic as a storm gathered its energies and began to rain us with dead branches and debris from the thick overhanging canopy of redgums.
This, instead of the 34-minute direct route on a wide open highway that the GPS taunted us with.
Because we are smarter.

To be fair, it was a very pretty drive. We stopped at Meadows for a break and had a lively conversation with a ‘new’ local couple that had recently moved from Wagga. One of them was an enrolled nurse…so you know how that conversation went.

Mona looks like it is a magnet for retiree and holiday houses. It has a long curving beach and nifty café that makes a pretty delicious chickpea curry methinks.

The main beach at Moana is one of the few beaches in South Australia where two-wheel drive passenger vehicles are permitted to drive out onto the beach.

I hear you. Wouldn’t it be great to drive Ripley out onto the beach at low tide and have a bohemian beach lunch with a primo sea view? Wouldn’t you love to see some Instagramable photos of that?

What could possibly go wrong?

One response to “Moana”

  1. My old neck of the woods! Fond memories. Also, you’re only 15 minutes* from two delightfully scenic spots for a drink/bite: Star of Greece @ Port Willunga + Chalk Hill Wines @ McLaren Vale.

    *15 minutes via GPS; feel free to take the long way 🙂

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