The Jelly General store.

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I have written before about the tricks to being a bit coffee smug. And of how to use Paramedics to find the best coffee on the road.

Another tip is to look for a coffee cafe with some eclectic funk factor ambience (or EFFA…pronounced Effa).

What exactly is EFFA? Well it’s a tricky thing to pin down. Exactly. And your idea of the funk factor may not align exactly with mine. I like retro, I like industrial, I like Nordic influenced. But what it always means is that the owners have put some thought into expressing their own personal coffee zeitgeist.

One thing is certain, cookie-cutter trendy decor and chain store coffee cafes are to be avoided at all costs.

The Jelly Store has a high Effa factor combining a retro feel general store, post office, and fresh produce cafe. The coffee was good and the scones with fresh cream were not too bad. Overall: 7.5/10.

If they had just added a little 1960 bebop jazz to the mix it would have definitely been peeking on my own Effa vibe.

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  1. Love it…Reminds me of our Corner Shop when we were growing up….

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