Victor Harbor.

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Spent a couple of days checking out Victor Harbour on the Fleurieu Peninsula (about 82 km south of Adelaide).

The first thing to clear up here is the spelling of the word ‘Harbor’, if you are a regular reader here you will know I am not the world’s most gifted speller-er. But in this case I have got it right. Apparently the lack of a ‘U’ is not an American influence but based on archaic English spelling (a case found in several geographical locations in South Australia). All other spelling mistakes on this post will be mine.

The van park is a hive of activity but we both noticed that the town itself seems pretty quiet compared to the last time we were here. Less of a cosmopolitan vibe, fewer outdoor dining opportunities. Perhaps it is just a post-COVID lockdown thing.

The temperatures has been much more conducive to walking exploration, and I spent a morning crossing the long wooden jetty to stroll Granite Island. There is a horse drawn tram that runs back and forth over the jetty which is pretty cool (but a little too expensive for my tastes at $15 one way).

There is a walking track circumambulating the island with lookouts posted at appropriate viewpoints. As the name suggests, there are plenty of interesting granite boulders and tors and crumbles to investigate. Once there was a thriving colony of ‘little penguins’ on the island…alas this colony has been decimated by a combination of predatory New Zealand fur seals and aggressive human activity (ie total yobheads killing them).

We have been looking forwards to eating a meal of fish and chips (yes I do eat seafood at times) and decided that this might be the perfect spot for an evening feast. A beautiful sunset, a table by the beach.
Nope. Fail.
The fish (crumbed Barramundi) tasted like they had been cargo freighted from the Congo and the chips had some sort of fluorescent yellow glow thing going on. We’re these even potato?

There is something doubly disappointing about getting a dud serve of fish and chips right next to the ocean.

One response to “Victor Harbor.”

  1. Sad to hear about the little penguins. They were quite the attraction. That and the big Clydesdales.


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