Port Elliot.

Location: ///lazier.unilateral.manageable
Weather: warm to hot. 31C. Mood: beach vibe.

After our lacklustre fish and chips experience in Victor Harbor we took it on high recommendation from one of Kellys friends (Thankyou Dr Jane), to try again just up the road at Port Elliot.

The pro tip did not disappoint. In fact I will now call the towns local beach (on the sheltered cove of Horseshoe Bay) as sitting in my list of top 5 favourites in Australia.

On arrival, we snagged a shady parking spot and then wandered around the many boutique and antique shops. It took all my skills in covert behavioural engineering to deflect Kelly’s bubbling enthusiasm to completely redecorate our house.

Next, we had a long rambling shopping debrief over coffee and scones that I covered here.

Lunchtime. So we sought to satiate our gut biome at the Flying Fish Cafe. A box of 3 Flathead fish sticks and a pile of chips was $15 and was plenty for two ( plus a few dropped snacks for Juno). Now, I don’t know how they make fish into sticks…I don’t even want to know. It didn’t matter. We sat under a tree looking out at the ocean. The day was eleven. People were all in their happy places. The ocean sang its soundtrack of ambience….and, for a short time, all was well with the world. It was a moment of greasy, fast food zen.

Behold. The yum from Flying Fish Cafe.

One response to “Port Elliot.”

  1. Loving this Trip Ian and Kelly…so is Juno by the looks…..How’s the Price of Petrol / Diesel ?…Perhaps we should be donating to your trip…!!!!!!


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