Location: ///steams.deepest.grouping Weather: mild and sunny. 24C. Mood: bouncy.

Pretty much a driving day today. A 300 and spare change road trip from last night’s camp South to Penola.

Last evening just outside Murray Bridge we found a campsite next to another Autotrail (a rare occurrence) and spent a pleasant slice of time talking motorhome shop.

It was a crazy night. 34 C inside Ripley at bedtime (we all slept nudie rudie to try and cool off) only to be woken up in the middle of the night freezing cold.

On the road and it was an uneventful bouncy ride accompanied by 2 podcasts (one on the Ukraine tragedy and one on UFOs), 2 coffee stops, and a few expletive rich arguments over the best road trip music selections.

In summary the journey was all about solving whole world problems, off-world problems and first world problems.

Now we are in the heart of red wine country. One of my favourite special occasion drops is Wynn’s Black Label cabernet sauvignon. So a stop at the vineyard was going to be mandatory.

Only for some reason Kelly kept on navigating me to the wrong wineries.

“Oops. My mistake. This is The Block. May as well check it out.”

“Oops. My mistake. This is Brand’s Laira. May as well check it out.”

Remember back in the day when the Schweppes soft drink trucks used to rattle down the street, their tray piled high with crates of clinking bottled drinks? Well, I’m getting flashbacks.

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