Cape Northumberland Lighthouse.

Location: ///longest.tank.cheapest
Weather: sunny 23C. Mood: windswept.

On a whim we turned right. Let the record reflect the whimsy was mine (’cuz for once it didn’t lead us into drama). And we drove out to check the Cape Northumberland Lighthouse. This is the most southerly point of South Australia.

Turns out you can park for free overnight if you are self-contained. As it was still early we snagged the primo spot with a magnificent bedroom view up the entire coastline of rugged limestone cliffs.

Our campsite sits next to the ruins of the original cape lighthouse. Built in 1859 it remained in service for 20 years until relentless pounding surf undermined the limestone cliff and the keepers feared it might topple into the sea.

Er… *pauses to go outside and check we are not about to topple into the sea*….OK. We’re good.

So. Amazing Vistas every-which-way and it’s a beautiful Autumn afternoon. So glad we didn’t turn left. Gin. Cashews. Olives. Cheese. We have high expectations for the sunset.

I rate this in the top 3 spots we have ever stayed. And it is totally free. Wow.

Enough talk. Check it….

PS. The sunset did not disappoint.

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