Location: ///banjo.rescuer.unfeeling
Weather: fine 21 C. Mood: spiritually extruded.

We intended to pull over for a few microseconds to reorient ourselves, wolf down a hastily constructed cheese and cucumber sandwich, gulp down a Coles own brand coffee (actually not too shabby…I credit this on my filtering technique), and decide on the best route onwards.

But this free campsite in the small town of Winchelsea was an unexpected discovery. Clamped to the banks of the Barwon River with green grassy level sites and ample shade from (non-threatening) gums and oaks, it is….well a little enchanting. It begs one to slow down and let the coffee filter in its own good time. It begs one to stop and reflect on the vicissitudes of the trip so far (both geographically and existentially). And it begs one to start referring to oneself as ‘one’…apparently.

We ended up spending two nights here. Because who wants to be jousting for a sardine van park site on a Saturday when you can be sitting outside next to a river reading a good book?

The first night was eventful as the local ute revving party people descended on the park to circle their wagons and play super loud music (to be honest a pretty good playlist selection) and yabber, and slam, and expletive language advisory well into the wee hours of the morning. There were plenty of other motor homes parked here so we felt safe enough. Apart from the volume they were really no bother to us and they slowly petered out, and we all fell asleep somewhere after 1am.

By the time we were up and about the next morning, party people had mostly left.
Mostly left their bottles and plastic containers laying around that is.
Being the hero I am, I grabbed our ‘gripper’ and spent a few minutes collecting all the rubbish into a large plastic bag. Always leave the campground at least slightly better than you found it boys and girls.

Today we struck up a conversation with our off-road caravan neighbours. Guess what? Andy turned out to be a long time ED nurse.
He has had a pretty interesting life, travelling and sailing the pacific, so we pumped him for stories.
Of course the conversation eventually turns to shop.
And you know how that topic goes.

The rest of the day has been spent and wasted in the most productive of ways. The sun fell across the sky. It is now early evening, there is a chill in the light. Kelly is setting up the chemistry lab to make her Gin and Tonic and Juno is trying to assert his dominance with the other dogs in the park. They are not fooled for one second.

For the second time this trip we are parked next to another Autotrail. A good omen for sure.

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