Podcast: I am.

Jonny Wilkinson is a former English rugby union player widely acknowledged as one of the best rugby union players of all time and famous for scoring the winning drop goal in the 2003 Rugby World Cup.

Jonny is not only an elite and highly driven sport professional , but he has evolved into a way-seeker, an introspective contemplative.

Now retired from professional football, he hosts his own podcast series called ‘I am‘, in which he interviews a selection of guests with the intention of:

…celebrating the exponential possibilities that arise when we are willing to challenge old conclusions and become interested in deeper dimensions of experience. All of this will be done through a lens of sport, spirituality, science and ultimately facing adversity and transcending limits.

In his latest episode he interviews my favourite philosopher, Bernardo Kastrup.
They discuss, amongst other things, the causes and conditions that set Jonny on his current path, the meaning of life, and the structure of reality.
Bernardo speaks from a place of technical philosophical academia, Jonny balances the conversation with relatable enthusiasm and personal experience. It makes a very interesting conversation. I look forward to checking out some of the others.

You can check out other episodes and subscribe to the podcast series here.

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