On the road again.

Kelly, Juno and I will be bundling up in Ripley for a short road trip over the next couple of days.

Ripley is booked in for a routine service a few hours down the road in the town of Wodonga. Unfortunately for us, there are no commercial Fiat service centres in Canberra so we try to schedule her routine maintenance in with a little westwards excursion.

The weather forecast for that part of the map is not excellent, with clouds, showers and maximum temps around the 15 C mark predicted.
The nights will be two extra blankets and a dog cold.

So. Once her service is complete we will decide if we want to zip down to Bright for a few nights. The autumn foliage will be spectacular down there this time of year.

MAP: Destinations this trip: Wodonga & Bright (zoom in and out for context).

A little while back we were playing around with the idea of selling Ripley and buying another rig that was a little more off-road capable. After checking out a multitude of options at a recent motorhome show, we have decided that Ripley already ticks most of our boxes. And even though we would get a pretty good price for her in the current market, there is a 12-18 month waiting list for the two only van configurations we did like.

So we are grateful to have Ripley. And instead of selling her we will do a few upgrade modifications (mainly solar and suspension).

We have thus far generated a metric shit-tonne of good memories in Ripley, and may they continue for some time to come.

Life in Ripley:

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One response to “On the road again.”

  1. Can’t wait for this Trip……hope Wodonga stays dry while Ripley is being serviced…..love that Pic of Juno looking out window…❤️☔️

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