The Bright side of life.

We nearly didn’t come down here.
The weather forecast looked less than perfect, cloudy, cold, maybe some rain. Nasty.

In the end, we decided what the heck. Kelly is due to return to work next week, and there was this illogical but sneaking feeling that we might miss out on an opportunity if we aborted the trip.

Guess what. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous. Cold nights (-1C) unfolding into crisp and calm sunny days. Not a breath of wind.

Perfect for long walks and coffee stops.

The van park was sparsely occupied.
It was quiet as a sparrow whisper.
Not a yob to be seen.
We were parked under a stand of tall elms, and even though we had just missed their peak autumnal magnificence, they nevertheless rained gold on us for the duration.

Walks completed:

  • Canyon trail (4.9 kilometres along the banks of the Ovens river)
  • Cherry walk (5 kilometres up the river in the opposite direction)
  • The shower block walk (50 metres, 100 if you leave your towel behind).

Coffee stops:

  • Sixpence Coffee (9/10) Seems to be where the locals gather, which is always a good sign.
  • Wild Thyme Café (7.5/10)

Three nights here slipped past far too quickly.

Lesson learned.
It is way worth it to risk 10 trips away that turn out to be cold and wet and suboptimal, just to give yourself a potential for one unexpectedly perfect experience like this.

Perfect weather for testing out my 100% organic chin warmer.

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One response to “The Bright side of life.”

  1. Great Pics….worth the chance…..what a great life you live….The Shower Block walk sounded exciting…😂😂😂😂


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