Hello…or hello again.

For some reason I have recently had a big spike in visitors to this site, so here is a quick post to say hello to those of you who have stumbled in from elsewhere (and a big thank you for those of you who are back for more).

My name is Ian Miller, and I am a retired nurse.

I am not very active on social media and I am a big believer in reclaiming the small web, an ecosystem built on decentralised communication platforms and personal websites.
Those of you as old as I, might remember the days of Blogrolls and Webrings and cross-linking content created by humans not driven by algorithms.

Source: https://small-tech.org/research-and-development/

Verily I say again I am not very active on social media* and so I use this site as my own personal communication hub rather than posting on Facebook, Twitter etc.

The down side is this makes it a one-way push of content….which I why I love getting comment feedback.

In a nutshell, I have an eclectic range of interests which is reflected in my posts. Themes are scattered and random. Spelling is volatile. Grammar is erratic.

The iconic Australian author Kathy Lett captured the genre perfectly: I don’t give a shit lit.
Stuff like:

  • Reflections on my travels with my partner and dog in our motorhome.
  • Zen Buddhism, and other contemplative practices.
  • Philosophy of consciousness (with a leaning towards idealism for those in the philosophical know).
  • Anomalous and weird reports and propositions from the fringes and boundaries of our consensus reality.
  • Writing short fragments of poetry badly but enthusiastically.
  • Found objects and experiences that interest me.

Sometimes I do try to challenge you to question things outside the mainstream feed. To critically appraise new ideas. Other times I just write about mundane stuff happening to me. Whatever.

You can subscribe to get post updates at the bottom of this page, or you can just remember to pop back from time to time to see if there is anything here of interest.

Oh, and please don’t be shy in dropping a comment.
Let me know what YOU are up to.

Comments = dopamine hits.
And it is nice to know real people are reading my stuff.

* I have been trying out a relatively new alternative to Twitter called Mastodon, and I will be writing more about my experience using it shortly.

Latest post from my other site: deathpoints.com

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