Film: Two Aerial Anomalies.

Im not saying its aliens….

Here are two clips of unidentified aerial phenomenon (UAPs or UFOs) that I have recently come across and find interesting.
Both clips are in portrait (vertical) format.

Case 1:

Unfortunately, as is so often the case with these clips, there is no accompanying information on where or when this film was taken.
This makes critically evaluating its credibility difficult.

The reason I find it interesting is that:

  1. The conversations of the family seem a genuine reaction to seeing something unusual in the sky (as opposed to a hoax incident).
  2. Although difficult to tell once zoomed in, the movement of the object against the cloud background suggests sudden non-linear movements (even seeming to disappear at one point) that would exclude aircraft or balloon activity.


This second clip, is a slow motion film of an aircraft captured at the Miami air show (link to original information about this clip is below).

A small glinting (?rotating) object appears to leave the ocean just off screen at the right and move diagonally to the upper left.

Still image of UAP from Case 2.

Original source:

Photo credit: Darren Halstead

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