Status update: cold and wet with a magnificent seven.

Its a cold and wet day here in Canberra. I think the max temp was 7 Celsius, but it felt freezing.

And there is more meteorological nastiness predicted with high winds, and storms incoming over the next 24 hours.

Ripley is looking a little sad sitting outside. Every time we go out to get something from her, Juno comes charging out expecting to head off on an adventure.

Now we have decided to keep Ripley, we have a few projects planned to upgrade her suspension and solar capabilities.

But our most pressing project right now is to get our new house heating installed. Our existing heater crapped out a few weeks back and our original back-up air conditioner is struggling now the temps are dropping.

So its wool socks, and an extra layer in the house, and snuggled in blankets on the couch with hot beverages PRN.*

Tonight Kelly is at work so it’s just Juno and me.
Now…what do I feel like for dinner? The pantry is all mine.
Let’s see….Hmmmm, I think we will go with the classic baked beans on toast (really). Hey, I melted a slice of cheese and adorned it with a sprig of Basil so don’t AT me.

Next… settling in under the blanket for a little Netflix. I have been wanting to watch the original Magnificent Seven again. Made back in 1960 when they really knew how to make a Western, and movie stars had serious credibility…I mean just look at the lineup: Yul Brynner, Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson, Robert Vaughn, Brad Dexter, James Coburn, and Horst Buchholz.

Saddle up amigos!…….

And here’s a bit of trivia for you. John Williams, who wrote the soundtracks for Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Schindlers List and a bazillion other films, played the piano on the original soundtrack recording for Magnificent Seven.

* PRN is a medical term from the latin pro re nata meaning something like: as the circumstance arises.

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  1. Thanks, that was fun! Stay warm. ❤


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