Video: talking about non duality and flow.

A conversation between Dr Zubin Damania (ZDoggMD) and Dr Angelo DiLullo.

I am always a little uneasy posting conversations about non duality and suchlike. This is a noetic (experienced rather than described) space and language always falls way short (that’s why adopting a regular embodied practice is the only way to actually wake up).

Again, this sort of stuff may be outside your usual daily wheelhouse of interests. But I encourage you to take a little time to listen to these two in conversation. Some of what they say is simply conversational waffle. It takes a while for them to settle in.
Some of what they discuss is actually pretty important IMHO.
Perhaps it will resonate with you. Perhaps not.

I hope to read Angelos book Awake: It’s Your Turn shortly, it seems to get pretty mixed reviews. I will post my own review on it here once I get stuck in. So check back.

Topics covered: flow states in awakening, the Unborn and no-self, improv comedy and flow, why this pointing can destabilize some people, the singularity of non-dual experience, the hero’s spiritual journey, suffering and fierce grace, surrendered intention and bodhisattvas, authenticity and letting go of belief, emotion work, redemptive love, and of course COVID and glory holes

Main photo by Hanniel Yakubu

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