The Atacama Giant

Here is your object of wonderment for the day.

The Atacama Giant is the largest geoglyph (a large drawing made on the ground) of a human figure in the world.

It is located on the Atacama Desert plateau in Chile and measures an impressive 119 metres tall.

The plateau is a canvas for over 5,000 geoglyphs that include figures, symbols, and animals. They have been dated as being produced by different cultures (including the Inca) ranging from 800 CE all the way through to the 16th century.

Other geoglyph symbols on the Atacama Plateau. (Source:
Other geoglyph symbols on the Atacama Plateau. (Source:

What the images represent and why they were drawn so big remains a mystery. There is plenty of projection and speculation by both scientists and laypeople as to their intended purpose. We will probably never know for sure.

One thing I find super interesting is that many of these symbols or ways of depicting figures seem to recur with striking similarity across ancient sacred and art sites all over the planet. I wonder if these cultures were accessing some sort of shared non-ordinary experience.

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