Borgen is back!


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Back sometime in 2010, Kelly and I accidentally stumbled on a TV Danish series called Borgen. We were looking for something else entirely, but the trailer looked interesting so we took episode 1 for a spin.

It did not take long before we were hooked, and from then on date nights were spent at home with some snacks, a hot chocolate, and a little nordic political drama.

Borgen (‘The Castle’) is a sort of nickname for Denmark’s primary parliamentary building and the series follows the political career, personal struggles and strategic intrigues of Birgitte Nyborg as she rises to become the first female prime minister of Denmark.

Think ‘West Wing’ with a twist of Nordic Noir.

Our collective stoke overflowed to find the latest season has just dropped on Netflix: Borgen – Power and Glory.

Of course one persons glowing review is another persons eye-roll, but I cannot recommend this series highly enough. I would give it six stars out of five. It is has quality production values, strong female characters, political intrigue, great architecture and interior designs (Kelly and I are big fans of Danish design aesthetics).

Don’t take my word for it. If you are a fan of political drama and not yet familiar with Borgen, you could simply drop into the latest season and you will pick up the plot lines pretty quickly. We have just watched the first two episodes…and so far it looks like the best season yet!

OR: and I recommend this. You could binge watch the entire series from episode 1…..invite me over…I will bring the snacks.

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One response to “Borgen is back!”

  1. Thanks for the heads up Ian.
    We loved the earlier seasons of Borgen. You and Kelly are way more disciplined if you can save watching it for date nights……or maybe you enjoy them often!
    Either way, it will be on our list for the winter week ahead!


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