COVID haiku.

COVID haiku.

two lines
is enough

It was inevitable I guess. Kelly tested positive yesterday after getting a scratchy throat, then feeling worse.

Over the last week several of her close work colleagues have succumbed. Our local health system must really be struggling right now.

So far, I feel OK. But as we are both in home quarantine for the next seven days chances of me getting it too are pretty high. Such is life.

Kelly is feeling a bit rubbish today, so I’m nursing her with tea and thick honey-toast and aspirin throat gargles. Juno is doing his bit with therapeutic snuggling PRN.

Kelly is already going stir crazy stuck in the guest bedroom (day 1 of 7) and I think she is secretly hoping I turn positive so she can come out again.
Of course I’m kidding, she knows very well what a TERRIBLE patient I am when I get sick. Think man-flu on biotic steroids.

Im already looking around the house for that tiny (nurse call) bell to use should I need it. You know, for snacks, and adjusting pillows and suchlike.

Seems Kelly hid it good.

2 responses to “COVID haiku.”

  1. Oh Dear…poor Kelly….Heaven Help her if you succumb…..manage to dodge it myself so far…..but i know it will be inevitable…..


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