Hypersonic missiles.

Day 2 of COVID isolation. Too much time and too little space finds me doomscrolling and rabbit hole mapping.

Let’s see….scroll, scroll, scroll…..HYPERSONIC MISSILES!

As if we don’t have enough on our collective plates right now, it seems mankind is locked into some sort of frenzied technological sprint to the precipice of armageddon.

The margin for error and the time for response (vs reaction) is now in the realm of nano-units. One tiny tiny screw-up, or one superpower being (even more of ) a dick….

We are so, so close.

Which brings me to this. This is a depressive but informative video. It will most certainly spoil your day but it will definitely improve your situational awareness.
Sorry. You are welcome.

Scroll, scroll, scroll...Oh, I almost forgot, whilst we are on the topic of doomsday prepping. Oh, we weren’t on that topic? Scroll, scroll, scroll... Hey, try and keep up.

Anyways, here’s some advice.

Perhaps there is hope after all.

One response to “Hypersonic missiles.”

  1. Susan Collins Avatar
    Susan Collins

    Crikey, very depressing 😪


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