Poll: the chin beard.

COVID isolation, day 3.

Situation report: after a rough couple of days Kelly is feeling a little better today. She reports that it now feels mostly like a bad cold. Much sleeping.
I remain asymptomatic to date. We are both surprised at this.

Had a group facetime call with Kelly (from the guest bedroom) and my mum this morning. The topic of my facial hair came up (pretty quickly).
I have been playing around with growing some sort of weird beard thingy again over the last few weeks.

Apparently, it is driving Kelly and mum nuts. Kelly is threatening a nocturnal visit with the garden clippers.
Mum wants to start a GoFundMe to raise money for a drive-by Mafia shaving hit.

What is all the fuss about?
As I have alluded to before, in my own mind I look like some sort of pirate-viking-George Clooney mash-up.
Pretty cool even if I do say so myself.

Detail in case you missed it.

OK. I admit there is a very small potential for a little beard bias here, so I thought I would put it to the vote.
You know, just to scientifically provide evidence of my consensus coolness.

Thanks to you, the world will be an ever so slightly better place for helping to settle this conflict.

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One response to “Poll: the chin beard.”

  1. Stuart Bullock Avatar
    Stuart Bullock

    Methinks thy mum and Kelly hath good point-eths…

    … mind you, at this point you could make a YouTube video reading Three Billy Goats Gruff with visuals as well as sound — or apply for a junior membership badge of ZZ-Top. My thoughts align with that of Yoda: “Go fully grizzly or clean shaven – there is no fluff”

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