Putting the elation back into isolation.

COVID isolation. Day 4.

Situation Report: Kelly feels decidedly ordinary but clinically stable. Her cough is back. Nasal congestion is controlled with a little psudoephedrine.

Interestingly, she complained that the dinner I cooked last night tasted bland.
COVID affecting her olfactory perception?
Or, my cooking skills?
I will let you decide.

I, on the other hand, remain COVID free.
Sheer dumb luck?
Or my superior infection control techniques?
I will let you decide.

Today is the first sunny (non-rainy) day we have had since our isolation began.

To date Kelly has been stuck in our guest bedroom. She has access to her own toilet and bathroom, but it is still a pretty small space. I have been passing food and drinks to her through the two sliding doors between her bedroom and the rest of the house.
A sort of COVID-lock.

But today, she could get outside!
Into the garden at least.

Even though I have had run of the rest of the house, I also was pretty elated, nay stoked to the max, to be able to get some sun and fresh air. First fling open all windows to air the house.
Then 243 piles of manky laundry to wash and hang.
Then coffee and kindle and a chair in the sun together.

Seriously. Being cooped up for even this short a length of time generates an almost explosive gush of gratitude for the ordinariness of a garden in the sun. The colours popped. The smells expunged. The sun grinned like a fool.

Also: Juno finally got to run around doing zoomies and chasing his favourite ball. He celebrated with an enormous, pent-up, colon defying poop.

As Kelly was the last to touch Juno, I thought it only fair she should be responsible for the Bologna-salami clean up.
From a COVID cross contamination point of view. Yes indeed.

I cannot even imagine how all those people managed, locked away in tiny hotel rooms (with locked windows) for weeks on end at the beginning of the COVID pandemic. Even with Netflix and some decent jazz on iTunes for essential life support…..I shudder.


A little garden grattitude.

Finally, there may even be some confusion as to the necessity for me to isolate as a close contact. The guidelines are a little confusing, suggesting you can go out shopping if you have no means of delivery, and even go to work if you cannot work from home.

Bottom line for me is I do not want to be responsible for passing any COVID nastiness onwards. Even it I am asymptomatic right now.

So its back into the house, turn up a little Coltraine and start preparing and extra-spicy dinner for Kelly.
It has been a good day.

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2 responses to “Putting the elation back into isolation.”

  1. John has Covid too it’s D2 for us. I’m still working so had to have a D2 PCR and if that’s negative they want me back at work. I’m not so sure that’s a good idea!


    1. Hmmm, that indeed seems like a bad idea. And does not align with the public health advice I got:

      “You should not attend high-risk settings (e.g. hospitals, aged care facilities, correction and detention facilities and residential accommodation facilities that support people who require frequent, close personal care) for 14 days after the last time someone tested positive in your household unless you have received prior approval from the facility, it is your usual residence or you are seeking urgent medical care, or aged or disability care services.”


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