The one thing every man doesn’t even know they need.

The only thing is, I don’t know what it is called.

I am sure every female partner reading this will be aware of the infuriating (or so I am told) instinct all men have to throw their clothes in a pile beside the bed each night.

We cannot help it. It is programmed deep into our DNA.
Something about being coiled springs ready to leap up and deal with any nocturnal drama. With a fully functioning wardrobe capability.

Here is the perfect solution that de-furiates the partners whilst maintaining essential overnight pants access. AND remains close enough to the bed to accommodate any intrinsic laziness that might (just MIGHT) contribute to said piles of clothing.

This item of furniture belonged to my dad. And I believe they were a fairly common accessory back in the day (circa 1950-60s). Honestly, they are so useful, I cannot believe they are more popular today.

As I do not know what they are called, I shall call it the thingy.

As you can see, the thingy has a substantial hanger for your shirts and jackets. It has a small scooped shelf perfect for your watch and all those pocket knickknacks and paper items (saving them from the washing machine). This one has a metal brace that you can slide your wallet or mobile phone into.

Under the shelf are two retractable rods intended for tie or belt storage.

Below this, there is a wooden arm that folds out to hang your pants off. Finally, at the base are some rods to lean your shoes against.

The whole thing is compact and light and crafted with a 1950s sensible simplicity.
And in the mornings it is a snap to re-dress, relocate items to the laundry basket, and re-arm with all your everyday carry items. As required.

I like it a lot. If only I knew what it is called.
Anyone have any info?

Post Script: Kelly here. Yes… this is a great bit of furniture. But for the purposes of full disclosure, I can report that most mornings there is still a pile of clothes besides it.

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4 responses to “The one thing every man doesn’t even know they need.”

  1. Damn Men…my Pet hate and especially when you throw the Shorts and Shirt out and you get ‘ I only wore it for a Day !’…too bad so sad…Washing machine here we come…..😂😂😂😂


  2. Caroline Hamilton Avatar
    Caroline Hamilton

    My father had a butlers valet in the 1960’s, with a blue vinyl seat….I presume for donning and dossing his socks and shoes. It was always kept meticulously tidy….that was probably more my mothers doing though! Handy item of furniture, but my husband would still just “toss” everything over it if he had one, nothing would be hung correctly!


  3. Love the Ps!


  4. It’s called a dumb valet. ( I know because I bought for your dad back in 1958 )

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