Out of isolation?

COVID isolation: Day 7.

Situation report: I feel great. Had a RAT (which was negative) on Thursday and just to be sure I had a PCR today. Results pending.

At this stage Thunderbirds are go for shopping, dog walking and a visit to the gym tomorrow.

Kelly, on the other hand, continues to feel crook as Rookwood*. Her cough persists and her sinuses are full of concrete mucus. Despite my best efforts to entertain, today she is a little down.
So comments of support are appreciated!

Technically, her 7 days isolation ends tonight, but in accordance with ACT health guidelines, she will continue to isolate for a few more days until feeling better.

As a public health measure, I have barricaded her bedroom door with dirty laundry to ensure compliance (and minimise any COVID leakage). It is a significant barrier.

I took the above photo early today.
It was still cold in the house as I sat in my favourite chair, well centred in a shaft of morning sunlight.
The steam was rising from my pour-over, and I found myself transfixed by the swirling vortices of individual steam droplets.

You just cant beat that first coffee in the morning.

Thanks to everyone who participated in my Facebook poll. As you can see there is a link to follow me on FB below.

* Colloquial expression to describe being very unwell (or ‘crook’). Rookwood, in Sydney’s west, was the city’s largest cemetery.

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